Thursday, August 9, 2007

Terry Kilrea and Allan Riddell

Allan Riddell has sued Mr. Harper and Don Plett, the president of the Conservative party, over their claims in November 2005 there was no agreement between Mr. Riddell and the party for him to step aside to let Mr. Cutler run in the campaign that fall.

The agreement, which a Superior Court judge ruled last year had been reached between Mr. Riddell and the Conservatives, included a promise that Mr. Riddell would be compensated for expenses he incurred while campaigning for the Conservative nomination in Ottawa South.

But the Conservative party claims the agreement also included an unstated term of confidentiality, which it says Mr. Riddell breached when he publicly disclosed its existence.

Tim Naumetz, Ottawa Citizen, May 16, 2007

Are there any similarities with that other one that has attracted a police investigation?

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