Thursday, August 16, 2007

Peter's red herring

Despite the mass migration of half of Canada to Alberta the sober and enlightened heads still take Alberta separatism seriously.

"Before a potentially destructive constitutional reference to the Supreme Court occurs, cooler heads should prevail. Alberta should strengthen its existing laws to control greenhouse-gas emissions. In turn, federal opposition politicians should realize they could win their battle for Kyoto and lose the war for national unity. Political compromises should be struck. Mr. Lougheed deserves gratitude for his timely intervention."

With Lamborghini-driving Albertans roaring around Calgary and instability in the Middle East for the next several hundred generations I fail to see how anything could seriously damage Alberta's petroleum economy. If foreign oil firms continue to work in Venezuela regardless of the constantly changing regulatory landscape, what makes anyone think these same firms would abandon Alberta over tougher environmental regulations?

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