Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Perception out there


INVADED WED. AUG. 29TH. Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Allies,

Supporters, and Environmentalists needed!

MNN. August 28, 2007. Judge Gordon Thompson has ordered the

Algonquins who are blocking access to a proposed uranium mine

north of Sharbot Lake to leave immediately. The people have been

told to expect the police on Wednesday, August 29th. All supporters

are asked to come to the site to help maintain the peace. This is only

the beginning of things to come under the conservative regime with

the help of the liberals at Queen’s Park Toronto. The Bush

administration in Washington DC needs uranium for their military

industrial schemes.

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Anonymous said...

It would seem to me that if a Judge so orders, then the action becomes legal? I do not understand why we continue to allow certain groups within Canada to break the law? Blocking rail lines and public highways is against the law and anyone doing so should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The property in question is privately owned and the company has the right to do what they want, be it look for uranium or whatever. Equality means just that - everyone is equal. So why then do aboriginals believe that they can break the law with impunity. One must wonder what would happen if caucasian citizenry were to blockade the local beer and liquor stores???